sunlight readable display

  1. Sunlight-Readable Display Technology

    Sunlight-Readable Display Technology

    Nowadays, sunlight-readable monitors are more popular than ever before. In many years, military and industries use sunlight-readable monitors to help with navigate higher level tasks. There are two ways to get sunlight readability. One is to work with the sun, another is to overpower the sunlight. What Is Sunlight-Readable Display? Today, more companies use sunlight-readable monitors for different industrial and commercial uses. Many...
  2. What is a Sunlight Readable Display?

    Sunlight readable LCD monitors are designed for outdoor industrial display applications.  It features a transflective LCD module that improves the display contrast through the high brightness backlight source and illuminance sensor that lets LCD readable display function in over a wide range illuminance levels. What is a Sunlight Readable Display? A sunlight-readable display consists of an LCD that is bright...

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