LCD Workstation

Rackmount computers with Built in LCD for space saving applications.

  1. Rugged Monitor Increases Optical Clarity and Protection in LCD Displays with Optically Bonding

    With unbonded LCD monitor device, several problems can occur. The most common is the display devices are less readable in sunlight resulting in glaring. Secondly, water vapor could condense in between cover glass and display when environmental temperature or air pressure varies. Not sealing the system may solve the last problem to some extent. However, this may lead to another...
  2. LCD Workstation - Fully Functional and Cost-Effective

    The LCD workstation series are a highly integrated "all-in-one" systems that are well suited for customer applications. These industrial rackmount LCD workstations are upgradeable and fully functional for many industrial fields such as the automation, the transportation, and the food & beverage market. They are designed to satisfy most requirements for large screen, PC based, graphical operator interfaces. These workstations...

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