KVM Switch - Keyboard Drawer

Rack console with a keyboard, touchpad, and KVM switch integrated into a 1U high rackmount drawer.

KVM Switch - Keyboard Drawer

1U high rackmount drawer integrating a keyboard with touchpad and KVM switch into a rackmount drawer with self-lock ball-bearing slide rails and a front key lock.
Keyboard Drawer
1U high rack mount keyboard drawer, keyboard, touch pad or track ball & slide rail with front key-lock
Keyboard Drawer with KVM switch
1U keyboard drawer comes with keyboard, touch pad or track ball pointing device and 8 / 16 / 32 port KVM switch
KVM switch
KVM switch comes with 8 or 16 KVM ports, cascade KVM port, local user console and supported Sun native resolution or 1920 x 1200 high resolution for rack mount KVM switch applications
Matrix KVM switch
Matrix KVM switch provides 8 or 16 proprietary KVM ports and user console ports (up to 4 user) for remote access the rack mount server independently and simultaneously. The remote user can access t...
Matrix Cat6 KVM Switch
Rack mount Matrix IP KVM switch provides 16 and 32 RJ45 Cat6 KVM ports and use console (local console and remote console with receiver) for user access the rack mount server independently & simult...
Cat6 KVM switch
Cat6 KVM switch comes with 8 / 16 / 32 Cat6 KVM ports, cascade KVM port and local or remote user console for rack mount KVM switch applications

KVM Switch - Overview
Keyboard, video, and mouse (KVM) is an industrial instrument that allows users to concurrently control multiple computers from keyboards, video monitors, and mice.

All-in-One Panel PCs for Industrial Applications
The industry is becoming more complex than ever. Machines conduct countless numbers of operations every day. Businesses in today’s market demand more reliable and efficient pieces of machinery to run their everyday applications.

Basic Characteristics of Rackmount Computers & Rack Consoles
Rackmount servers, also known as rackmount or rack-mount, are computers designed to be used as servers installed inside the framework of a standard 19" rack or rack cabinet.