Rackmount Computers

To customize a rack mount computer with the utmost professionalism and quality assurance service, to get the best performance for the requirement.

Rackmount Computers

Rackmount Computer combined the advantage of PC open architecture into a rugged metal standard 19-inch wide EMI shield rackmount enclosure, the inside embedded boards are provided by various type of form factors, included off-shelf cost-effect standard ATX or Mirco-ATX motherboard and industry-grade long term life supported single-board computer with backplane, Due to open PC architecture, Rackmount computer supports Window, Linux-based & FreeBSD operating systems and program apps run under windows PC or Linux environment.
1U Xeon Server - Full Size Expansion Slot
1U high thermal designed rackmount servers powered by the Xeon server processor and full-height PCIe expansion slots for higher performance and system expandability.
2U Rackmount Computer
Ultra-compact 2U high rackmount computers are available with an off-shelf motherboard. Option for a variety of data drives.
3U Rackmount Computer
3U high rackmount computers designed for space-constrained rack cabinet locations with feature-rich computer systems optimized for IPC applications.
4U Rackmount Computer
4U high rackmount computers that accommodate high-end processors and storage devices with the added flexibility for creating a customized computer that fulfills the customer's applications.
Front Access IO Rackmount Computer
Rackmount computers with front I/O ports and expansion slots that let users have easy access to the interface ports.
Rackmount PC - Multiple LANs
Rackmount computers featuring a short depth chassis for constrained working environments and multiple Ethernet LAN ports.

Industrial Computer - Overview: IPC (Industrial Personal Computer) is different than a regular PC because of its environmental characteristics.

Basic Characteristics of Rackmount Computers and Rack Consoles: Rackmount PC, are computers designed to be used as servers installed inside the framework of the standard 19-inch wide rack or rack cabinet.

Rackmount Chassis and Peripheral - Glossary: Overview for the rack mount chassis, input power, cooling fans and interface ports

Understanding the 80 PLUS® Certified Power Supplies: 80 PLUS certificated is a high efficiency power supply