Industrial monitors are displays that are designed and built specifically for use in industrial applications, where they are subjected to harsh environmental conditions, such as dust, humidity, high or low temperatures, and vibrations. Industrial monitors are built to be durable, reliable, and long-lasting, and they are designed to meet the needs of various industrial applications. Industrial monitors come in configurations, including open frame, panel mount, and rack mount designs, and are available with different features such as touch screens, high brightness, and various input/output options. As an essential component of various industrial applications, industrial monitors play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of industrial processes. They are built to be rugged, reliable, and long-lasting, and they are available in different sizes, configurations, and features to meet the needs of different industrial applications. Industrial monitors are an investment in the long-term productivity and efficiency of industrial processes, and they are an essential component of any modern industrial operation.

Open frame monitors featuring a slim open frame bare metal enclosure and an industrial-grade display for industrial or commercial and POS systems such as kiosks, ATM machines, vending machine displays, and much more. Open frame monitors do not have an enclosure or bezel surrounding the bezel, which gives you the freedom to design and build a custom enclosure based on your requirements. Acnodes' open frame monitors can be easily configured to satisfy specific requirements and offers options for various mounting solutions and touch screen displays. These monitors ideal for a wide range of applications including rugged outdoor environments, industrial applications, kiosks, cabinet displays, and custom-built machines. Acnodes has a lineup of customizable mounting solutions that are designed to adapt to almost limitless mounting surfaces and specifications.