Experience unparalleled durability and reliability with Acnodes' IP66/69K rated waterproof panel PCs, meticulously engineered to thrive in the toughest working conditions, including food processing plants. Encased in a robust all-stainless steel housing, these units are built to withstand the rigors of extreme environments, providing uncompromised performance and longevity. With reinforced construction and durable materials, our panel PCs offer peace of mind in demanding industrial settings where reliability is paramount.

Featuring front and rear bezels designed to be water and dustproof, our panel PCs ensure seamless operation even in the most demanding washdown applications. Effortless to clean and boasting sterile, waterproof stainless steel construction, they uphold the highest standards of hygiene and durability, making them ideal for critical environments like food processing facilities. Additionally, the sealed design prevents moisture ingress, safeguarding internal components from corrosion and damage, further enhancing the longevity of the panel PCs.

Constructed from grade 316 stainless steel, renowned for its durability and corrosion resistance, the seamless and joint-free design of these Panel PCs not only allows for direct contact with foodstuffs but also ensures compliance with strict hygiene standards. This robust material not only withstands the rigors of corrosive foods and frequent cleaning but also maintains its integrity over time, minimizing the risk of contamination and ensuring product safety. Additionally, the non-porous surface of grade 316 stainless steel prevents bacterial growth, further enhancing the hygiene of food processing environments.

Powered by the advanced intel processers, our embedded PCs deliver unparalleled performance, seamlessly integrated with a network-ready computer board featuring sealed USB and RS-232 interface ports. For enhanced computing capabilities, options for Core i5 5200U or Core i7 6600U processors are also available, catering to diverse industrial computing needs. With robust processing power, these panel PCs can handle complex applications and multitasking, ensuring smooth operation in demanding industrial environments.

With touch screen options protected by IP-rated rugged front bezels and rear enclosures with sealed rubber-covered interface ports, Acnodes' panel PCs offer unparalleled resilience against water, extreme temperatures, humidity, bacteria, dirt, dust, and oil. They are engineered to withstand the harshest environmental conditions, ensuring continuous operation in challenging industrial settings. Moreover, the sealed design prevents the ingress of contaminants, maintaining optimal performance and reliability over time.

Featuring display resolutions, our panel PCs optimize screen viewing with LED-backlit industrial LCD displays, available in various brightness levels to suit challenging lighting conditions in warehouses and industrial facilities. With an On-Screen Display (OSD) offering auto-adjustments for brightness, contrast, and other parameters to ensure seamless operation and exceptional user experience. Additionally, the touch screen interface provides intuitive navigation and enhances user productivity in industrial environments.

Designed for versatility, our panel PCs boast a wide operating temperature range are VESA mount ready, offering flexible installation options to suit diverse workplace environments. IP66/69K rated for waterproofing, our panel PCs facilitate daily washdown routines without compromising performance or durability, enhancing workplace efficiency and productivity in industrial settings. Additionally, the compact and rugged design of our panel PCs makes them easy to install and maintain, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational uptime for your industrial applications.

Stainless Steel Monitor or Panel PC

Acnodes Corporation has a wide array of product line configurations. They can customize most commercial and industrial computers to one’s specific needs.  For information, please visit  www.acnodes.com or contact us at [email protected]

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Acnodes supplies and markets industrial computers and display solutions for diverse industries ranging from automation to the military. They have an array of technological innovations in the area of rackmount servers, embedded computers, Panel PCs, and rugged monitors that created more simple and valuable products to the customers. Acnodes works closely with their clients to customize computer products to meet required projects and specifications. Acnodes strives to explore new technologies to better improve life and work.