Rackmount Monitors

Rackmount monitors with an LCD panel integrated into a 1U space saving rack console or 7U to 9U panel mount enclosure that fits into a standard 19-inch wide rackmount cabinet. The monitors come equipped with VGA, DVI, BNC, and HDMI video input options.

Rackmount Monitors

Rackmount monitors integrating an industrial LCD panel into an EIA metal construction for standard 19" wide rackmount cabinets. The industrial-grade LCD provides a flick free display, widescreen 1080P HD resolution, sun native display resolution, or high brightness sunlight readable monitor.
17/19/20 inch LCD Monitor
Acnodes offers 17 / 19 / 20" rackmount monitors that are built for harsh working environments and industrial applications. The LCD panels are integrated into a rugged 19" wide rackmount display en...
Rugged Monitor - Meet MIL-810 Environmental Testing Standard
Rackmount monitors designed to pass MIL-STD-810 environmental testing standards. These rugged LCD panels come with an aluminum front bezel and anti-reflective glass to protect the impact on the LCD...
1080P / 4K LCD Display
Rackmount monitor series provides VGA, DVI, HDMI and display port video inputs. The size of casing ranges from 7U to 9U high with screen size variations starting from 17 to 23 inches with full HD o...
High Brightness - Sunlight Readable
For use in both outdoor and indoor industrial display applications, Acnodes has integrated an industrial monitor that features high brightness LCD displays (17 inch 800nits 500:1, 19 inch 800-nits ...
1U Low Profile Monitor Drawer
1U pull out monitor and drawer designed for industrial applications with space limitations but are in need of large high resolution monitors. This line of Monitor drawers varies from a 17 inch pul...
1U Monitor - Supports Sun Native Resolution
Integrated LCD panels built into a 1U high rackmount drawer with VGA and DVI-D video inputs. Acnodes' industrial monitors support both Sun Native 1152 x 900 resolution and PC active resolution. The...


Touch Screen - Overview
A Touch screen acts as an interface between humans and computers in an automation control unit. Unlike keyboards or mice, touch screens provide convenience and user-friendly access to receive information from one computer to another.

Rackmount Computer and Monitor
Rackmount computers are designed for effective and strong protection of sensitive electronics in non-communications environments such as extreme heat, high amount of dust or contaminants, clean room/laboratories, Radio Frequency/Electromagnetic interference, and high shock and vibration.