Panel Mount Monitors

Panel mount monitors featuring an industrial LCD display and mounting solution for industrial applications and harsh working environments. The monitors come in various screen sizes and provide a selection of options, such as touch screen technology, sunlight-readable displays, FHD or UHD resolution, IP protection, military testing standards (MIL-STD-810), and extended temperature ranges. Designed to be reliable and space-saving, Acnodes’ panel mount monitors are fit to satisfy a wide range of industrial requirements and solutions.

Panel Mount Monitors

Industrial monitors providing a wide range of LCD displays including open frame monitors, panel mount monitors, outdoor displays, stainless steel monitors, HMI touch displays, and military-grade monitors.
Open Frame Monitor
Open frame monitors with an industrial LED display and slim open frame design ideal for kiosks and digital signage applications. The open frame monitors come in a variety of display sizes ranging f...
Open Frame  - Full HD 1080P Resolution
High definition open frame panel mount monitors designed for broadcasting, surveillance systems, and command centers. The monitors support a 2160P or 1080P display resolution and come with an open ...
Open Frame - 4K UHD Resolution
Open frame panel mount monitor supports 3840 x 2160 resolution and around the clock operation. With features such as an open frame enclosure and touch screen options, these 4K monitors provide flex...
Open Frame  - Sunlight Readable Display
High brightness sunlight readable open frame monitors designed for outdoor industrial applications and high ambient light conditions. The monitors feature a 1000-nit / 1500-nit high brightness LCD ...
Open Frame - Wide Range Working Temperature
Open frame panel mount monitors designed to survive in harsh environmental conditions with its wide range working temperatures. The monitors feature an open frame monitor enclosure, front mounting ...
Panel Mount Monitor - Aluminum Front Bezel
Panel mount monitors with an aluminum front bezel, VESA mount, and VGA video input. Option for a touch screen monitor, HDMI video input, and an IP65 rated front bezel.
HMI Monitor - IP65 Rated Flat Front Bezel
HMI touch screen panels featuring a flat panel design and IP65 rated front bezel. Available in screen sizes ranging from 7-inches to 21.5-inches.
Front Bezel - Full HD 1080P Resolution
Panel mount monitors with a widescreen LCD integrated into a rugged open frame construction with an aluminum front bezel. Option for touch screen, TV tuner, and IP65 rated front bezel.
Front Bezel - 4K UHD Resolution
Panel mount monitors support 3840 x 2160 resolution and an aluminum front bezel. The 4K monitors come with DP 1.2 + HDMI 1.4 + HDMI 2.0 video input, panel or VESA mount, and a short-depth metal rug...
Front Bezel - Sunlight Readable Display
Panel mount monitors with a 1000-nit high brightness LED-LCD display and aluminum front bezel designed for outdoor industrial applications or environments with high ambient lighting. The monitors c...
Stainless Steel - Full IP66 Rated
Stainless steel panel mount monitors built to withstand harsh conditions and washdown environments. The stainless steel monitors come in SUS 316 stainless steel and feature a fully IP66 rated dust-...
Military Grade - MIL-STD-810G
Military grade panel mount monitors designed for mission-critical settings and military computing applications. The monitors are MIL-STD-810G compliant and feature a touch screen monitor, VGA / DVI...

Panel Mount Monitors and Open Frame Monitors: Customized Mounting Solutions
Industrial computers vary from regular computers in many ways, mainly in their environmental characteristics. An industrial computer is designed to withstand harsh working environments with a wide range of working temperatures, dust and water resistance, shock absorption, and more. A panel mount monitor is built to mount into a flat surface, while an open frame monitor consists of an LCD monitor and a supporting structure to hold related electronics. These mounting solutions are ideal for rugged outdoor applications, industrial applications, kiosks, cabinet displays, and custom-built machines.

Panel Mount Monitors - Mountable Industrial PCs 
Panel mounts are used primarily for process control and data acquisition and in some cases, are even used as a front end to another control computer in a distributed processing environment. Acnodes panel mount monitors provide an industrial LCD display panel integrated into a rugged metal open frame that is available with or without an aluminum front bezel. These high-quality industrial monitors offer full WUXGA HD resolution with up to 1000-nit brightness. There are also quad display monitors available, which are ideal for industrial automation control and CCTV monitor applications. Several of the panel mount and open frame monitor displays may also be used for outdoor sunlight applications.

Touch Screen Monitors - Overview
A touch screen acts as an interface between humans and computers in an automation control unit. Unlike keyboards or mice, touch screens provide convenience and user-friendly access to receive information from one computer to another. Touch screens work by detecting touch points according to physical relations and are divided into three types: Resistive type touch screen, Capacitive type touch screen, and Projected Capacitive type touch screen. A resistive type touch screen consists of a glass panel and film screen that functions when a finger or other stylus produces voltage by way of pressure sensors. A capacitive type touch screen comes with a transparent electrode layer that relies on the electrical properties of the human body to detect when and where on a display the user touches. Lastly, the projected capacitive type touch screen, which is similar to the capacitive type touch screen, is composed of a sheet of glass with embedded transparent electrode films and an IC chip that supports multi-touch.