Acnodes Corporation - a leading provider of industrial computers and display solutions - presents RK120H, our new 1U rackmount keyboard drawer integrated with an 8-port 2K HDMI KVM switch. The keyboard features a 104-keys with a 17-key numeric keypad and 2-button touchpad pointing device. The keyboard indicator has num lock, caps lock, and scroll lock. The keyboard has a standard keyboard layout with an optional upgrade for a SUN or MAC keyboard layout. The interface for the keyboard and mouse is USB. The RK120H is integrated with a 2K KVM with 8 x HDMI 1.4 + USB-B ports in a 1U high rack drawer. It supports HDMI and DVI-enabled services and allows users to control up to eight servers from one keyboard, mouse, and monitor setup. With the native KVM cables, the RK120H is an attractive solution to control your ultra high-def HDMI & DVI-D sources at up to 2560 x 1440 (60Hz) resolution. The port can be easily switched via the front button and keyboard hotkeys. The RK120H is a multiplatform KVM keyboard drawer that works with Windows, Linux, Unix, and Max OS.

Key Features:
• 1U rackmount keyboard drawer 
• Integrated 8-port 2K KVM switch 
• 104-key keyboard with touchpad - USB interface 
• 1 x local console 
• Option for SUN Micro or MAC keyboard layout 
• Enhanced design with molded front panel & two-point lock 
• Adjustable rear mounting bracket & one man installation design
• 1U 23.6" (600mm) depth rackmount drawer 

Please visit RK120H - 1U Rackmount Keyboard Drawer w/ 8-Port 2K KVM Switch for detailed specifications.

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