Panel PC

Industrial panel PCs are all-in-one computer systems integrated with a display and advanced computing solutions for smart factory, industrial automation, food and chemical industries, and manufacturing processes. Built to withstand harsh environmental conditions and long operating hours, Acnodes’ industrial panel PC series is able to handle exposure to moisture, dust, water, shock, and vibration. The panel PCs come in many touch panel sizes with a wide variety of features including multi-touch technology, optical bonding, and sunlight readable displays. All of our panel PCs are designed with a fanless architecture and an IP rated water resistant and dust proof enclosure. Acnodes’ industrial touchscreen panel PCs are highly reliable and modular, allowing you to customize the system to meet specific performance requirements for your industrial applications.
Fanless Touch Panel PC - Front IP66 Rated / UL Certified
UL certified fanless panel PCs built with an aluminum die-casting chassis and IP66 rated flat front bezel for use and integration in industrial machines and automation control applications. The PCs...
Expandable Panel PC - Dual PCIe Expansion Slot
Expandable panel PCs featuring Intel Core i3-6100TE CPU with 1 x PCIe x 1 + 1 x PCIe x 16 expansion slot. The PCs come with a resistive touchscreen monitor and a robust IP66 rated front bezel, whic...
Stainless Steel PC - Full IP67/69K Sealed
Washdown fully sealed panel PCs featuring a full IP67/69K rated SUS316 stainless steel enclosure designed for hygienic Clean-in-Place (CIP) sanitary processing and washdown applications. The monito...
Military Grade PC - MIL-STD-810 / Full IP67 Rated
Military-grade panel PCs designed to meet MIL-STD-810G testing standards for industrial and military computing applications. Available with display sizes from 10.4" to 19", these military-grade PCs...
Industrial Touch Panel PCs - Overview
Panel PCs are all-in-one computers integrated with an LCD display and computing system. With the power of a modern industrial PC and the convenience of an LCD touch screen, industrial panel PCs are more rugged and provide many features including IP-rated enclosures, MIL testing standards, and wide operating temperatures. For a more convenient experience, industrial panel PCs create smoother operations with durable touch screen technology; Resistive or Projected Capacitive type touch. All-in-one Panel PCs are reliable, high-performance solutions designed for a wide range of industries such as the food industry, automation control, HMI, digital system, military, and industrial internet of things (IoT) devices. Acnodes’ Panel PC models come with a number of features that make them multi-functional. With a resistive infrared touch screen, highly expandable, and ultra-slim chassis to choose from, they are the modern-day consumer’s delight. High reliability, performance, and stability are another added bonus. Being fanless, the panel PCs are quite low on noise and virtually silent. The Panel PCs are designed taking into account a number of factors including needs across various sectors such as private, government, public, and military sectors. Acnodes offers a wide selection of customizable, high performance panel PCs including industrial panel pcs, touch screen panel pcs, fanless panel pcs, and all-in-one touch screen panel pcs. Built to withstand harsh environments and long operating hours, Acnodes’ industrial touchscreen panel PC series is tailored for industrial processing systems and manufacturing environments.

Human Machine Interface (HMI) Solutions
HMI, also known as the human-machine interface, is a user interface that allows a person to interact with a machine or system. Human-machine interface (HMI) solutions can vary in sophistication and cost, which depends on the amount of interaction and information exchange needed between a person and the machine. HMI is commonly used in industrial applications for displaying data, tracking trends, and monitoring the production process. Touch screen technology is another form of HMI that is widely used in a variety of applications ranging from industrial monitors to cell phones and tablets. HMI is highly advantageous for industrial industries because it improves productivity and workflow within the site, supports remote management, and has the ability to manage and analyze data. As with the other aspects of industrial automation, HMI display and input technologies have chased the curve of commercial computing technology, adapting the latest consumer advances to meet the unique demands of the industrial environment.

What is an IP Rating?
IP, also referred to as Ingress Protection, ratings are standards for electrical enclosures defined by the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission). The rating refers to the level of sealing effectiveness of electrical enclosures against the intrusion from water, dust, and dirt. The IP rating is recognized by the two letters, "IP", followed by two numbers (Example: IP-65). The numbers represent the amount of protection of the computer's ability to resist outside matter. The first number designates protection from solids, while the second number designates protection from liquids. The larger number of each digit means the greater power of protection. Therefore, to get more protection or higher protection, users can choose the larger numbers of IP ratings (Example: IP69K). Any computer product being used in an industrial environment should have an IP rating of IP65 or above in order to be fully protected from dust and liquids.

Touch Screen: Resistive and Projected Capacitive Type Touchscreen
Acnodes’ industrial panel PCs are available with a Resistive or Projected Capacitive type touchscreen monitor. Unlike keyboards or mice, touchscreens provide convenient and user-friendly access to receive information from the PC. Resistive touchscreens, which remains the most prevalent type of touchscreen technology used in industrial applications and manufacturing environments, consists of a glass panel and film screen that is separated by a narrow gap. When a user touches the screen, the two electrode layers (glass panel & film screen) come in contact with each other and produces an electrical current that registers the touch. Although it is not as sensitive as PCAP touchscreens, Resistive touchscreens can be used with various objects such as your finger, gloved hand, or stylus. Projected Capacitive touchscreens, also commonly known as PCAP or multi-touch, are composed of a sheet of glass with embedded transparent electrode films and an IC chip that supports multi-touch. PCAP touchscreens function when the user touches the screen and capacitance forms between the finger and sensor grid, registering the touch. Acnodes offers a wide range of touchscreen panel PCs including industrial panel PCs, expandable panel PCs, all in one industrial computers, stainless steel panel PCs, IP rated PCs, and military-grade MIL-STD-810G PCs.