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  1. Fully IP66 Rated Stainless Steel Panel Mount Monitors

    Fully IP66 Rated Stainless Steel Panel Mount Monitors

    Acnodes - a leading provider of industrial computers and display solutions - features the PMN80XXX stainless steel panel mount monitor series. The units come in LCD sizes ranging from 10.1 inches to 27 inches and are designed with an anti-corrosion stainless steel housing that resists corrosion and damage from heat and chemicals. In addition, the stainless steel housing makes the...
  2. Panel Mount Monitors Unveil New High Brightness to the World of Industrial Computers!

    APH8104; 10.4" 800x600 1000-nits high brightness panel mount LCD Monitor, 6mm Aluminum front bezel with 45 degree chamfer. Regardless of all the hardware specifications and its true capabilities, one of the chief reasons for these computers to become popular would have to do with the fact that it can be a panel mount or a wall mount. If implemented in...

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