APH8104; 10.4" 800x600 1000-nits high brightness panel mount LCD Monitor, 6mm Aluminum front bezel with 45 degree chamfer.

Regardless of all the hardware specifications and its true capabilities, one of the chief reasons for these computers to become popular would have to do with the fact that it can be a panel mount or a wall mount. If implemented in the right manner, the Panel Mount Monitor can help significantly boost the aesthetic appeal of its environment.

The APH8104 is included with a 10.4 inch 800 x 600 1000 nits flat LCD panel and is an active type digital to digital which connects to the on board conversion board. The LCD monitor comes with standard 15 pin D SUB VGA video input port on the back of the panel mount monitor for your pc system connection which includes specifications like an option for S Video, BNC, TV tuner with remote controller and Audio input with 2 x 3W stereo speakers. All of the OSD buttons are located on the back of the LCD monitor and these OSD functions let you adjust the LCD monitor for the best view.

All of the APH series come with an option for resistive or capacitive type touch with USB or RS 232 port. Anti reflective and optical bonding for LCD monitor display improvement are available for outdoor sun light readable application. All of the APH series comes with an option for resistive of capacitive type touch screen

The monitor of the APH8104 comes with a 6mm Aluminum front bezel with 45 degree chamfer and ruggedized metal housing that is ready for panel or VESA mounting to fit into your applications. It comes standard with one 6' VGA cable for LCD monitor, but has an optional for 10' and 15' VGA cables. The touch screen models of the APH series come with additional USB or RS 232 cable.

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