Environmental Protection

  1. What is Antimicrobial Technology?

    What is Antimicrobial Technology?

    Antimicrobial technology destroys and prevents the growth of microbes and bacteria. An antimicrobial coating is a coating treated with an antimicrobial substance that prevents the growth of microbes on a surface. When applied to a surface or material, the antimicrobial coating inhibits microbial growth and reduces the spread of infectious diseases. Compared to cleaning products that are applied to surfaces...
  2. The Benefits of Rugged Technology in Industrial Monitors

    Overview The world is running millions of applications every day. The use of monitors has been convenient for daily computing and personal needs. However, most of these monitors are designed for commercial applications like those in office settings. But what to do about applications in factories where chemicals, random vibrations, and unpredictable temperatures are present? They use monitors as well...

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