Acnodes supplies and markets industrial computers and display solutions for diverse industries ranging from automation to military. We have an array of technological innovations in the area of rack mount servers, embedded computers, Panel PC's and rugged monitors that created more simple and valuable products to the customers. We work closely with our clients to customize computer products to meet their required projects and challenges. Acnodes strives to explore new technologies to better improve life and work.

  1. Kaby Lake vs Skylake

    Kaby Lake vs Skylake

    Intel introduced its 7th Generation Core Processor, Kaby Lake. There are lots of articles about this new chip’s great performance. On the other hand, what about the point of view from an end user? What are the real benefits of Kaby Lake compares to Skylake? Therefore, let’s compare and contrast the main changes between Kaby Lake and Skylake processors. Intel...
  2. Display Panel Type Differences

    Display Panel Type Differences

    There are three common different panel types, which are TN, IPS or VA. When selecting a computer monitor, always consider about the type of panel display uses.  The panel controls whether the monitor is responsive enough for your tasks. For example, colors on the screen have to be perfect for designers. Therefore, the choice of panel is important. Introduction Nowadays...
  3. Harsh Environments Call for Rugged Computers and Components

    Harsh Environments Call for Rugged Computers and Components

    Military and industrial professionals often work in a harsh environment to aim their job goals. Therefore, the professionals need rugged computers to be able to work in a conditional working environment. Furthermore, what do rugged computers do? Rugged computers contain specifications with reliable and quality components. Moreover, engineers design testing procedures must consider various environments. Engineers simulate the situations, a...
  4. Modular Panel PC vs Traditional Panel PC

    Modular Panel PC vs Traditional Panel PC

    Most of the people know a PC (personal computer) is a multi-purpose electronic computer for individual use. So, what exactly is a Modular Panel PC? Modular computers cut the creation of e-waste which makes them environmentally friendly. As the name advises, a modular PC is a computer that has individually-housed components or modules. What is a Traditional Panel PC? First...
  5. Thermal Management in Embedded Systems

    Thermal Management in Embedded Systems

    First of all, thermal management is the use of different temperatures monitoring devices and cooling systems. Such as air flow within a processor. In additions, the air flow controls the whole temperature of internal cabinet temperatures. If there is more air being forced into a system as the pressure inside the unit is higher than outside, then it is a...
  6. Embedded PC function and connectivity for the IoTs network

    First of all, what is an embedded system? An embedded computer system is a system functions and connects within a larger electrical system. Meanwhile with real-time computing controls in a harsh environment. Therefore, embedded systems control many devices in common use nowadays. For example, military and medical inventions.  Functions Embedded operating systems are compact, efficient and reliable at resource usage. Embedded...
  7. Video Input Types for Monitor Connections

    Video Input Types for Monitor Connections

    With all the advances in technology today, it is easy for some people to miss the latest news. Have you ever wonder what video inputs are? What are the differences of the variety inputs? How to choose the right video inputs for your monitor? Most monitors have different video inputs available. So sometimes it can be difficult to make a...
  8. Acnodes’ 1U Rackmount Computer Features Xeon processor D1527 and Supports Ten LAN Ports

    Acnodes’ 1U Rackmount Computer Features Xeon processor D1527 and Supports Ten LAN Ports

    Acnodes, a provider of industrial embedded computing solutions and board products is proud to announce the new 1U Rackmount computer, the RMC81720, designed for today's networking tasks and it delivers greater expansion capabilities for better performance, which is one of the most powerful network products in the marketplace. RMC81720 Features On March, 13, 2017, Acnodes releases RMC81720. RMC81720 is a space-saving...
  9. Military Grade Rackmount Monitor at Acnodes

    Military Grade Rackmount Monitor at Acnodes

    Acnodes Corporation’s military grade rackmount monitors are ideal for aerospace, military defense, industrial applications, and harsh environments. Designed to pass MIL-810 environmental testing standards,   the LCD display comes with an aluminum front bezel and anti-reflective glass to protect the LCD panel. Furthermore, its fanless cooling thermal design and shield enclosure prevents transmission of noise signals by controlling EMI. Features...
  10. The Deal with the USB and Thunderbolt

    The Deal with the USB and Thunderbolt

    If you have a computer, then chances are that you’ve used a USB or a Thunderbolt. These are the two most common peripheral interfaces. When you want to connect something like an external hard drive to your computer, you use one of them. While they share several similarities, they have more than a few notable differences as well. Continue reading →