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  1. Military Grade Rackmount Monitor at Acnodes

    Military Grade Rackmount Monitor at Acnodes

    Acnodes Corporation’s military grade rackmount monitors are ideal for aerospace, military defense, industrial applications, and harsh environments. Designed to pass MIL-810 environmental testing standards,   the LCD display comes with an aluminum front bezel and anti-reflective glass to protect the LCD panel. Furthermore, its fanless cooling thermal design and shield enclosure prevents transmission of noise signals by controlling EMI. Features...
  2. 17” Rugged Rackmount LCD Monitor Features Military Grade Standards

    Acnodes Corporations, a leading manufacturer of industrial and embedded computer platforms and technologies, introduced today the launch of the RMW7175, a rugged 17” military standard rackmount LCD monitor. With IP protection, MIL-STD-810F and MIL-STD-461E Compliance in vibration, shock, humidity, low temperature, and high temperature, it will meet the needs of an environment in a harsh, active, and demanding setting. To...

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