sunlight readable LCD monitor

  1. 1U High Brightness Rackmount LCD Monitor Drawers

    1U High Brightness Rackmount LCD Monitor Drawers

    Acnodes Corporation - a leading provider of industrial computers and display solutions - presents the RPH11XX series, a high brightness rackmount LCD monitor drawer designed for outdoor and indoor industrial applications. These units feature VGA + DVI-D video input and a 1000-nit high brightness sunlight-readable display that lets the LCD function in over a wide range of illuminance levels. The...
  2. Sunlight Panel Mount Monitors Take Over the World of Industrial PCs!

    AP8064 comes with a high brightness LCD that can be added with anti reflective film & optical bond for improved LCD outdoor view ability. The term industrial PC can be used as any niche-market computers and are designed to operate in a variety of shop floor settings and that offer some added protection against extreme ambient temperatures and harsh environments...

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