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  1. 2U 4 GPU Server with Dual Xeon 4214 Processors

    2U 4 GPU Server with Dual Xeon 4214 Processors

    Acnodes - a leading provider of industrial computers and display solutions - announces LW201, a high-performance 2U 4 GPU server workstation designed to manage heavy workloads and multiple applications. LW201 contains the Intel® Purley motherboard that utilizes the high-performance Intel® Dual Xeon 4214 processors and Intel® Lewisburg C620 series PCH chipset. With a dense enclosure solution, the server supports a maximum...
  2. New Xeon Processors for Rackmount Servers

    Intel Atom Processor became very popular when it was installed into netbooks and mobile internet devices, and is the leading brand known for ultra-low-voltage and less heat. The processor itself is a success – it is affordable, consumes very little power, and it is sufficient for its target market. Intel is now continuing to expand their selections, aiming for nothing...

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