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  1. The Necessary Factors for Plant-floor HMI Function

    The Necessary Factors for Plant-floor HMI Function

    Learn about the necessary factors for plant-floor HMI function. What’s the HMI system good for? It is absolutely crucial to the operations of your manufacturing. However, there are several things to consider before developing it inside an industrial enclosure. Continue reading →
  2. Human Machine Interface (HMI): How to DIY

    Human Machine Interface (HMI): How to DIY

    In this modern day and age, technology is everywhere you look. It’s the smartphone buzzing in everyone’s pocket, the tablet that takes the place of books, and the laptop found in homes across the globe. Each of those devices shares one universal thing in common: a Human Machine Interface (HMI). In short, an HMI is a way for people to communicate with a machine. A keyboard or a multi-touch screen is a good example. The user inputs information, and the device or software registers the appropriate response. With the introduction of new programming languages, more and more developers are trying their hand at making their own PC-based Human Machine Interface. However, here are a few things to consider before embarking on this crafty enterprise. Continue reading →
  3. HMI Panel PC Atom N2600 1.6GHz Dual Core Processor with Water-Proof IP65 Flat Panel Design

    Acnodes, a quality provider of industrial computers, announces the release of the HMI Panel PC 9150, based on the Intel Atom N2600 1.6GHz dual core processor and the NM10 express chipset.  This new industrial panel PC boasts a powerful 15” flat panel LCD that incorporates a 1024 x 768 resolution with an optional resistive or capacitive type touch screen. The...
  4. Touch screen panel type for HMI computer

    Touch screen panel induction principle for HMI Computer The touch screen panel according to the induction principle can be divided into four kinds of resistive, capacitive, surface acoustic wave touch, and optical. Resistive touch panel is mainly made of two sets of upper and lower ITO conductive laminate, using pressure conduction, the upper and lower electrode panel via the controller...

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