Acnodes - a leading provider of industrial computers and display solutions - introduces the new dual monitor rack console drawer, KD8173D. The console comes with two 17.3 inch 1920 x 1080 ultra high-resolution LCD displays that support FHD with 1080P resolution. The LCD supports a brightness of 300-nits, 650:1 contrast ratio, 140(H)/120(V) viewing angle, and 262K colors. The LCD also features an AR protection glass, which reduces reflections on the LCD and enhances the optical performance of the display. The video input for the console includes 1 x DP input (primary) and 1 x HDMI input (secondary). KD8173D comes with a 104-key keyboard and touchpad, built-in 2 x 2 watt speakers, and one front USB port for peripheral devices (ex. flash drive, hard driver). Integrated into a 2U rack console drawer with dual slide design, KD8173D provides a convenient space-saving operation mode. The dual-rail design allows the LCD monitor and keyboard drawer to be operated independently, providing users easy accessibility to the console. KD8173D weights at 46.30 lbs and measures at 17.44"(W) x 2.64"(H) x 22.83"(D). The adjustable rack depth from the front rails to rear rails measures from 22.83" (580mm) to 37.4" (950mm).

2U dual-LCDs rack console
17.3 inch 1920 x 1080 industrial LCD panel
Supports FHD with 1080P resolution
DP (Primary) + HDMI (Secondary) video port
AR glass & built-in speakers
104-key keyboard with touchpad
Dual slide rail design
100/240VAC power input

17.3-inch dual display rack console drawer - KD8173D

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