If you have a computer, then chances are that you’ve used a USB or a Thunderbolt. These are the two most common peripheral interfaces. When you want to connect something like an external hard drive to your computer, you use one of them.

While they share several similarities, they have more than a few notable differences as well.

What’s a USB?

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The Universal Serial Bus, commonly abbreviated as a USB, is found on most PCs and Macs. More often than not, it takes on the appearance of a rectangular port. It works faster than most hard drives. Plus, it’s downwardly compatible. In other words, it’ll still work fast even on a slower device.

Moreover, it’s a universal standard. Many products feature support for the USB. Furthermore, it won’t be difficult to find one at a reasonable price.

What’s a Thunderbolt?

The Thunderbolt is typically on the Mac but some PCs include this, too. Unlike the USB, this interface usually has six sides. It’s often called a “Mini DisplayPort.” In terms of bandwidth, it can support up to 40 gigabytes per second.

Additionally, it can transmit video and is useful for connecting external displays.

Get the Product You Want

While Thunderbolt is much faster than the USB, it’s also more expensive.

When it comes to choosing between them, it’s important to determine your price range and your needs.  The professionals at Acnodes Corporation can help by customizing our products to your requirements. For more information, please visit our website or e-mail us at [email protected]