Acnodes’ stainless steel Panel PC series meets the demands of the consumer, fulfills legal requirements, and improves productivity. The stainless steel Panel PC is perfectly equipped for performing tasks in the food processing industry. The computer design is guaranteed to provide absolute reliability, efficiency, and safety according to the highest hygiene requirements in the industry. The overall structure is designed for use in rigorous hygiene conditions. Since the housing is constructed of stainless steel, the smooth and joint-free design allows for direct contact with foodstuffs. It is completely sealed from IP65 or IP69; therefore they can be completely cleaned with high pressure or strong disinfectants. They can operate in cold storage as well as hot environments. The multi-touch screen offers bright displays in comfortable working conditions due to the ergonomically optimized screen resolution.  Acnodes’ waterproof stainless steel Panel PCs are ensuring traceability, guaranteeing quality, and improving competitiveness.

Stainless Steel

  • Prevents bacteria growth
  • Avoid getting rusted by prolonged usage
  • The flat panel design prevents the accumulation of dust and moisture
  • Makes cleaning easier
  • Anti-oxidation
  • Anti-corrosion

IP65/IP69 Waterproofing

  • Resist ingress of high temperature and high-pressure water
  • Wide temperature design of -20°C to 55°C is ideal for freezing or high-temperature conditions within food processing environments.
  • Protects against temporary submersion
  • Simply withstand contamination
  • Easy to wash by harsh detergents or disinfectants

Multi-touch Screen

  • Offers resistive type touch screen or projected capacitive type touch screen
  • Providing user-friendly user experience
  • Can be operated with gloved hands

Lockable I/O Ports

  • Lockable LAN/COM/USB ports
  • Avoid unintended disconnection
  • Optional M12 connector

It is essential to provide good food hygiene in the food processing industry. With Acnodes’ waterproof stainless steel Panel PCs can be used in food and beverage production lines where constant cleaning with pressure water is a necessity. The fanless and noiseless design along with IP65 or IP69 waterproof enclosure keep the system operating efficiently and reliable against hazards including dust, dirt, water, oil, and chemicals. The outstanding stainless steel touch Panel PC can also be used as a shop floor terminal at chemical and steel plants where there is a high exposure to liquid spray, heat, and air-born particles.

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