The ultra-slim and rugged touch screen monitors are designed to operate 24/7 in physically demanding environments. The developing industry becoming more complex and is in high demand for more reliable and efficient technologies. Embedded Human Machine Interface touch screen technology shows exceptional performance for complicated industrial applications. This article addresses the main features and benefits of the APA9XXX series in their wide range of LCD sizes, industrial protection, easy maintenance, advanced touch screen technology, and environmental durability.

HMI Touch Displays - APA9XXX Series

Acnodes HMI touch screens come in a wide range of LCD sizes for your industrial needs. The panel mount sizes includes 7", 8", 10", 12", 15", 17", 18.5", and 21.5" touchscreen displays. They also feature new LED backlights to save power. One of the biggest problems that drain your monitor’s power consumption is the luminescence the monitor light gives off. Monitors that incorporate LED backlights are not only energy-efficient and better for the environment, but also produce accurate colors and color gamut. Have more color gamut increases the range of colors that are available on the monitor.

These rugged monitors have taken into account of outdoor-settings and highly lit environments as well as optical bonding. Acnodes HMI monitors include options for high brightness features to compensate for highly lit environments like in sunlight. Optical bonding is useful for touch screen monitors that are not weatherproof or ready for extreme environments. Optical bonding uses silicone or urethane to cover the LCD for better protection against harmful substances like dust and moisture. It can also improve the LCD’s ability to endure shocks and vibrations. And finally, optical bonding does not just protect the LCD physically, it allows for clearer views of the screen by removing internal reflections. Optical bonding with high brightness (1000-nit) gives users excellent visibility. It is time to start investing in long-term monitors that meet the demands of all industrial applications.

Supports Touch Screen Technology - Resistive / Projected Capacitive Displays

Choosing the right touch screen to meet specific applications is absolutely crucial. Acnodes HMI touch screens offer two types of touch screens that users can choose from. The first is called resistive touchscreens. These are composed of multiple flexible layers separated by a gap. The touch screens only operate with resistance on the screen so any object can activate it, such as your finger, styluses, sticks, gloved hands, and the like. Resistive touch screens are highly resistant to water and dust, however, are not the most sensitive forms of touch screen technology. Capacitive touch screens are typically used in smartphones and tablets that are coated with ITO and activated by the electrical charge from your finger. The great benefits of capacitive type touch screens are that it supports multi-touch, and unlike resistive types, capacitive touch screens are highly sensitive and clearer.

Ingress Protection - IP65 Flat Front Bezel

Apart from LED back-light technology and advance touch screens, HMI touch screens need to meet industrial protection qualities called Ingress Protection or (IP). The standard rating for IP is IP65 and that is what all Acnodes touch screen monitors deliver. IP65 protects from water sprays from all directions a lot with dust. All Acnodes HMI touch screen monitors feature standard VESA or panel mounting.

Model APA9070 APA9080 APA9101 APA9120 APA9150 APA9170 APA9180 APA9215
LCD Panel 7 inch


800 x 480

8 inch


800 x 600

10.1 inch


1280 x 800

12 inch


800 x 600

15 inch


1024 x 768

17 inch


1024 x 768

18.5 inch


1366 x 768

21.5 inch


1920 x 1080

Video Input VGA + DVI
Touch Screen



Resistive – Standard


Capacitive – Optional

1000-nits High Brightness Optional



Extended Temperature


-20°C to 60°C




Power Input 9~36VDC with external AC adapter



IP65 Rated Front Bezel Standard



Aluminum Die-casting Enclosure  






































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