Acnodes Corporations, a leading manufacturer of industrial and embedded computer platforms and technologies, announced today the launch of a mini ITX fanless embedded computer, the FES8685. Embedded computers provide 24 hour uninterrupted operations, making it incredibly reliable. Fanless enclosures designed to resourcefully disperse heat while protecting internal components from environmental damage ranging from dust and airborne debris to extreme temperatures, moisture, and vibration. This aspect makes it ideal for outdoor advertising, POS/kiosk, transportation, and industrial control automation.

The function of the embedded board uses Celeron 1047UE 1.4 GHz dual core processor with two 204-pin DDR 1600 MHz SODIMM, up to 16 GB memory, and provide a mSATA/mini-PCI Express shared slot, delivering extraordinary computing performance while consuming low amount of power. With Celeron 1047UE, it can handle multiple concurrent threads or applications. To fulfill immense storage capability, it adds a 2.5” SATA3 HDD. Moreover, it is fully compatible with 32/64 bit versions of Window 7, Window 8, and Linux.

The micro box is built of black rugged aluminum, making it light, durable and low maintenance. It can withstand a wide range of operating temperature from 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F) and storage temperature of -20°C to 85°C (-4°F to 185°F).  With a dimension of just 10.39"(W) x 1.5"(H) x 7.85"(D), DIN rail and wall mounting can be easily installed on any locations where space is critical.

The full feature I/O port compartment consists of HDMI, VGA, audio, RJ45, 9-24V DC in jack, four COM, seven U.S.B. 2.0, two antenna holes, and in support of Intel i211AT Gigabit LAN. In case of a system crash or error, the watchdog time features 10-255 min/sec, reducing the need for maintenance. To compliment it all, it sustains a power supply of 9-24V DC power input with 120V AC 60W power adapter. The FES 8685 is aimed to provide quality performance, quality efficiency service.

FES8685: Acnodes  Embedded Computer with Celeron 1047UE 1.4GHz Dual Core CPU, fanless industrial design, configurations with two up to 16GB DDR3 memory, 2.5” SATA HDD, 1 x Ethernet, 4 x Serial, 7  x USB, HDMI & VGA video output, 9-24V DC power input.

A full listing of Fanless Embedded Computers from Acnodes:

•Fanless Embedded PC– Embedded computer with low power consumption processor within a rugged compact enclosure
•Mini NUC Embedded PC – Embedded computer utilizes a compact rugged NUC form factor enclosure with high performance processor
•Embedded PC with Expansion Slots – Embedded computer with PCI/PCIe high-speed expansion slots in a compact enclosure
•Wide Working Temperature Embedded PC – Embedded computer with aluminum heat sink and heavy duty steel frame allow unit work under a wide range working temperature in a harsh working environment.

Our product line’s configurations are located on However, most of the commercial and industrial computers can be custom built to the customers’ preference. Contact us via email at [email protected] or telephone (1-909-597-7588) for more information.

About Acnodes Corporations

Acnodes manufactures, designs, and markets industrial computers and displays for diverse industries ranging from automation to military. We have an array of technological innovations in the area of rack mount servers, embedded computers, Panel PC’s and rugged monitors that create simpler and more valuable products to customers. We work closely with our clients to customize computer products to meet their required projects and challenges. Acnodes strives to explore new technologies to better improve life and work.