As technology improves through the decade, there is a greater demand for more reliable and effective ways to progress productivity. Efficient communication in the industry is a huge asset for corporations to boost proficiency in the work force.

Speaking of efficiency, in the near future, the term “Industrial internet of things”, will be a norm around the globe. The IIoT (industrial internet of thing) revolutionizes the business of manufacturing, agriculture and transportation with the use of embedded systems. We can look at a myriad of opportunities in which the IIoT brings change. This network improves operational efficiency through predictive maintenance, and also produce automated decisions while analyzing data in real time.

So what is the big deal with IIoT? These machines bring precision to the millisecond. And because only about 1% of the machines in the world are connected, it shows how much improvement needs to be made in order to generate innovation and show companies where their value is developed from. The possibilities of investing in the IIoT are endless because of connectivity. Envision a maintenance of hundreds of thousands of these systems around the globe. This system has the ability to evolve and that is what fuels success. Forbes describes the benefits of the IIoT as “having a local intelligence, having a shared API so they can speak with each other in a useful way, even speak multiple protocols, and push and pull status and command information from the networked world.” It's time for the industry to aim their attention towards innovation.

The Industrial IIoT for embedded PC's is critical in the workforce. Not only can it share information through a network efficiently without human contact, but it also requires longevity, reliability, and functionality in harsh environments.


IIoT devices propose an industrial life cycle. This means there is room for growth and maturity while resulting in profit expansion through the life of the industry. The automobile industry can be an example of a successful industrial life cycle. Automobile manufactures have advanced throughout the country because they have gone through stages of growth and maturity.

Following the benefits of longevity through the industrial life cycle offered by embedded PC’s, the next requirement is reliability. Mistakes arise due to feeble technology. Embedded technology can prevent failure through IIoT systems. They have the capability to self identify and report any failure in the machines and even itself through the support of the “Industry 4.0” (the integration of internet connectivity to industrial machinery). This is known as The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the benefits keep climbing. The perks result in enhanced products, boost efficiency, and lower expenses. This is what smart manufacturing looks like.

Furthermore, the uniqueness of this system demonstrates its superiority in the environment. These embedded computing devices will be able to survive in the most extreme conditions. They can withstand the detrimental chemicals, the extreme heat, and the dust in the factories that would damage a desktop. These devices play a key role to meet the challenges for “mission-critical” tasks. Embedded computers are much more efficient due to their smaller size in comparison to normal desktop computers. It doesn’t need great power supplies because it doesn’t create a lot of heat. A potential drawback for manufacturing computers can be hard to maintain in the presence of machine technicality but that is why IIoT devices are so reliable because they are self-maintaining agents.

The future is here and it’s time for man and machine to work as one in order to acquire more income, create hybrid industries (the alliance of the physical industries and digital technologies), and take advantage of a smarter system to build innovation and redefine the industry.

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Source: Pictures from RTI