“Rackmount” is used to describe a specific type of PC computer, monitor, server, console, or cabinet often used in industrial applications.

Rackmount servers, also known as rackmount or rack-mount, are computers designed to be used as servers installed inside the framework of a standard 19" rack or rack cabinet.

The rack console itself is known as a sub-rack, chassis, shelf, bay, or “relay rack,” which is derived from the rack mount’s origins in railroad signaling relays. “Pizza box” is another term that is often substituted for a rack, due to the similarities in size and shape between a pizza box and a rack mount sub rack. Although rack cabinets contain multiple mounting rack consoles, they usually remain low-profile.

Characteristics of standard rackmount systems, rack consoles, and rack cabinets include:

  • Rackmount Computer and servers are typically up to 19" wide and are specifically made to fit inside a 19" (W) by 1.75" (H) space. The height of a rack console, 1.75 inches, is equivalent to 1U, which is the unit used to measure all equipment associated with rackmount PCs.
  • Typically, equipment built to fit inside a rack console or shelf is actually 1/32 of an inch shorter than 1U, meaning it is only 1.71875 inches in height. This difference in height allows extra room above or below the rack mount unit so that it can easily be removed or replaced without affecting neighboring units.
  • Most rack cabinets, usually containing numerous consoles, are equipped with ground point, power strips, and back doors.
  • Some rack cabinets are available with air conditioning vents.

Acnodes offers a full line of rack consoles, rack mount computers, rack mount storage servers, rackmount monitor, and rack mount CCTV monitors. The selection of rack consoles includes integrated industrial LCD monitors and keyboard drawers with a touch pad and KVM switch designed to meet rack mount standards, fitting into a 1U or 2U high rack mount drawer and control terminal.

Acnodes rack consoles are available with additional options, including DVI/ HDMI/BNC video input port, DC power supply, track ball, speaker with Audio input, and  12 / 24 / 48VDC power input.

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Acnodes manufactures, designs, and markets industrial computers and displays for diverse industries ranging from automation to military. We have an array of technological innovations in the area of rackmount servers, embedded computers, Panel PC’s and rugged monitors that create simpler and more valuable products to customers. We work closely with our clients to customize computer products to meet their required projects and challenges. Acnodes strive to explore new technologies to better improve life and work.