Industrial computers are built to withstand extreme external factors in order to meet the needs of a wide range of applications. Military, marine, aerospace, and other outdoor industrial applications, along with manufacturing industries, medical industries, and more, are associated with harsh environmental factors.

Machines within the medical industry, for instance, must be anti-bacterial and water-resistant. Machines within the marine industry must be both water-resistant and able to operate in extremely humid environments. One common factor shared across many industries, however, is an extreme variation in temperature. Industrial computers in a wide variety of rugged and industrial applications must operate in both extremely hot and extremely cold temperatures. Sometimes industrial embedded computers could operate out of boats, vehicles, or remote unmanned server stations. Consider the extreme environments an embedded computer might face while parked in a military vehicle in the dessert, in a research center in the midst of the jungle, in a data center in the middle of the tundra, or on a boat traveling across the arctic ocean.

It is of vital importance that industrial computers meet these environmental demands, as the cost of system failure runs very high. But in many cases, computers operating in these environments are unmanned, as previously mentioned, and therefore cannot be constantly monitored to ensure system stability. Because of this, a system’s reliability when faced with these extreme factors is of utmost importance. Industrial computers in these applications must reliably function in a range of extreme temperatures to prevent performance issues and field failures.

Acnodes offers a full line of industrial computers, industrial monitors, embedded computers and rack consoles specifically designed and built to operate in these extreme environments, including temperatures ranging from X degrees - X degrees. Most Acnodes industrial computers can be stored in temperatures between X degrees - X degrees.

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