Rackmount storage servers are often a necessity in industrial computing, as they provide remarkably high storage density, a highly efficient power supply, can be workload-specific, and improve computer performance and bandwidth usage. These storage servers are an important aspect of industrial computing for many industrial and corporate organizations, pairing perfectly with rackmount monitors and rackmount cabinets.

Rackmount storage servers are particularly designed and engineered to withstand common hardships computing technology much face in the industrial world, including extreme temperatures, varied humidity levels, limited access to outside power supplies, and additional environmental factors.

Acnodes’ RMS series rack mount storage servers are available in a wide variety of sizes to fit the needs to various computing and data centers. The Acnodes’ product line features lower power consumption Xeon E5-2600 CPUs and dual Gigabit LANs, which improves computing performance and bandwidth usage. The servers are available with a 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U and 5U form factory rack server chassis ranging in depth from 26 to 28 inches. High density hot swap drive bays and easy swap cooling fans are built into each server. All of Acnodes’ rack mount servers meet the requirement of redundancy protection and energy saving, using high efficiency redundant power.

Protected by heavy-duty cold-rolled steel and weighing up to 150 pounds, these servers are constructed with all of the needs of an industrial computing situation taken into consideration. The rack mount storage servers’ ability to operate in temperatures ranging from 0ºC to 50ºC (32ºF to 122ºF) and 5%-95% non-condensing humidity is especially important to note, as many industrial data centers operate at very cold temperatures.

Acnodes’ provides on-board RAID controller or add on RAID cards for data storage and management within its rack mount servers. The RAID drives can be attached to a direct attached back plane or expander back plane for optimized air flow and cable management.

To learn more about rackmount storage servers and to determine which selection is best for you, visit http://www.acnodes.com/rack-mount-storage-server.htm.