Modern technology is continuing to evolve at such a fast pace that sometimes it’s hard to keep up with. Engineers and inventors turned the computer – which started as the modular computer measuring approximately 8 feet by 3 feet by 100 feet – and turned it into the thin LCD screens and laptops of today. Then, mega-minds transformed that technology into tablet and cellphone form, so that no matter where you are, you can always carry the power of a small computer around in your pocket. While these inventions and evolutions have deeply impacted the general population, they’ve had a mammoth effect in the industrial world.

One engineering feat that’s made its mark in industrial sectors has been the development of low-power consumption PCs. Computers in industrial settings often need to run on very little power or need to maintain a steady flow of power for a long period of time – sometimes without any means of recharging the computer’s battery. This is where low-consumption PCs have become such a necessity.

But low power consumption PC  are often thought to be less efficient or less capable than others, which is not true in today’s reality. The first models of low-consumption computers weren’t as powerful as their full-power counterparts, but today’s PCs have come a long way. Now, low-power PCs are efficient without compromising performance, not to mention they’re lightweight and some models are portable.

The Acnodes rackmount computer RMC5019, for instance, is an innovative, industrial low-power consumption PC that can perform at full capacity in most industrial environments with ultra-low energy usage. This model is designed from heavy-duty steel, with a power on/off button and reset button easily accessed on the front panel controls.

The industrial PC utilizes an Atom D2550 1.86GHz low-power consumption CPU, with a mini ITX motherboard, an optional 1 x PCI expansion slot, and a 1U high x 9.8-inch short depth rack chassis. All of this comes with an efficient 250 W power supply. This powerful PC can operate in temperatures from 0°C-50°C and in 8-90% non-condensing humidity.

This reliable machine is ideal for industrial applications with minimal space and a low power supply.

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