Acnodes Corporation manufactures and designs a full range of ruggedized monitors with brilliant displays and sturdy metal construction installed into the standard 19-inch wide rack cabinet, allowing them to operate under a harsh working environment, which is ideal for industrial automation control and display monitoring applications. Rackmount LCD monitors are designed to be space-saving with compacted metal construction which is divided into two different styles; directly flush mount or rack monitor drawer with a built-in slide rail that allows the monitor to be pulled out from the rack and lifted up. Monitors drawer type comes with the flip-up design included low profile one rack U high drawer and adjustable rear mounting brackets. The flush mount type monitor comes with a front metal bezel with M5 mounting holes and a heavy-duty enclosure on the back of units, all the units come with an OSD (on-screen display) membrane switch that lets users adjust the screen display quality.  It is a rugged unit specifically designed for commercial and military applications. Directly mountable units, on the other hand, have metal rugged housing and fit into the standard 19-inch rack cabinet. Tempered glass is mounted in front of the LCD panel to protect against impact and dust on the LCD panel, providing more efficiency and durability to the product for a longer life span.

Each unit equipped with an industrial LCD (liquid crystal display) display panel which provides flick free display, lightweight, slim size and low power consumption compared to traditional CRT (cathode ray tube) display,  it provides a wide range of 10.4 inches to 21.5 inch display size panel, 16:9 widescreen with 1080P HD resolution and VGA video input for the different industrial application.  Option for resistive or capacity type touch screen monitor with RS 232 or USB connector, TV tuner with remote control and DVI or HDMI digital video input connector. Built for military purposes, 1920 x 1200 display resolution, sunlight-readable, and sun native resolutions are now supported on certain modules to outperform commercially available non enhanced products that washout indirect and/or indirect sunlight conditions. The industrial-grade design features a display terminal and rugged metal construction for harshly and cost-sensitive industrial computing applications.

Front panel controls such as the On/Off switch and OSD buttons are located on the front of the LCD monitor for easier access around the unit. These OSD functions allow you to adjust the LCD monitor for the best view and provides an auto-shutoff function, which enables the monitor drawer to go right back to its rest position right at the tip of your fingertips. A 100/240VAC power supply is integrated into each rack mount monitor and converts power from your outlets into a steady stream of power that the computer can use.