1U / 2U / 3U rack mount storage srver comes with no limits on the number, size or types of data. These Rackmount Storage Systems are designed to grow and adapt to meet the data storage market's exponential growth projections. Rack mount storage system can be the external disk array subsystem and comes with RAID system to protect data with a power supply to minimize hardware down-time. Most of the world’s  lead the way with technology innovations that include: advanced multi-core processing, system-on-a-chip integration, energy efficiency, and best-in-class performance at all levels. Processors and chipsets are scalable and interoperable to help storage developers get to market quickly and reduce development costs. The storage space can be up to 16TB and a selectable controller interface (SCSI/SAS/SATA/ FIBRE) for different data transfer rates.

The Rackmount Storage Server come with a RAID controller interface which provides up to 240MB/sec single-link transfer rate and greater than 2TB per volume. Dual mini-8088 ports work for server / application failure clustering. The unique 1 to 4 SAS octopus cable, which is optional, lets server connect up to 4 x DAS subsystem via parallel to aggregate multiple RAID subsystem and stripe them in the operation system.

Certain systems come with 16 hot swappable SATA-II HD bays. These types of drive bays are rare, because this typically means that they are “removable”. Each bay comes with its individual tray that allows hot swap function and automatically rebuilds hot swap drive from on board RAID system. The front LCD panel indicates the HD status of each unit and the total storage space can be up to 12.0TB. The total storage space is also dependent on the SATA HD size.

The RAID support level can range anywhere from 0, 1, 10, 3, 5 and even JBOD. It can be multiple RAID sets which includes an array roaming, online RAID capacity expansion and RAID level migration simultaneously. The RAID configuration and firmware can be via through on-board RS-232 / RJ-45 port.

This 3U chassis can be mounted to a 19" rack cabinet which always has an option for slide rails. These slide rails provide more protection to the unit by allowing the unit to be able to slide perfectly into the 19” rack cabinet to keep from water and dust damage. It has an embedded SMTP manager monitor with an all system event and allows each user to access this RAID system remotely through its on board RS-232 or RJ-45 LAN port.