This 1U LCD keyboard drawer comes with a built in 15.6" 1280 x 768 wide screen monitor & 86 key-keyboard, and touch pad (combo free, USB or PS/2 port).

The KD9250 is a 16” short depth rack mount LCD keyboard drawer with a 15.6 inch 1280 x 768 LCD panel. It is a TFT active type digital to digital, which connects to the on board conversion board and comes with a standard 15 pin VGA connector on the back of the rack mount drawer for PC system connection. The OSD function, which is located on the front of the LCD monitor for easier access, lets you adjust the LCD monitor for the best view and can be tilted to a 90 degree horizontal angle. The auto shut-off function enables whenever the monitor drawer is back to its rest position, which saves on LCD monitor life.

The KD9250 comes with 86 key keyboard and touch pad are located on the front of the rack mount drawer underneath the LCD monitor. Both come with PS/2 type connector and USB connector (selective by dip switch and proprietary KVM cable) on the back of the rack mount drawer for your PC system connection. The slim type (notebook size) keyboard comes with function keys and hotkey.

This low profile 1U monitor drawer saves rack space and integrates the LCD monitor, keyboard and pointing device to a complete unit. The ball bearing slide rail is mounted on each side of the drawer so that you can pull out the drawer from the 20" rack cabinet. The locker device is installed on the front panel to lock the drawer inside the rack when the monitor keyboard drawer is not being used.

Acnodes Corp. provides 8 x combo-free (PS/2 type, optional for USB type) KVM cables (2 x PS/2 connector for keyboard and touch pad, 1 x VGA) along with an auto sensing 100 to 240VAC, 50/60Hz internal power supply. This unit is ready to be mounted into the standard 15" rack cabinet and can be extended up to 20" deep for the rack server cabinet.

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