The KD9258 is a new short-depth 1U rackmount monitor-keyboard drawer with a built-in 8-port KVM switch and WXGA LCD display.

Only 16-inches deep, the console from Acnodes Corp. of  Chino CA is designed to fit into almost any portable rack as well as all 19-inch standard rack cabinets.

The 250-nit, 15.6-inch diagonal TFT LCD display delivers 1280x768 resolution with a 500 to 1 contrast ratio and 8ms response time. The screen displays a full 16.7 million colors and a mean-time-between failure rate of 50,000 hours. On-Screen-Controls include brightness, contrast, position (vertical and horizontal), auto adjust, OSD horizontal and vertical position, and load and save values.

The OSD’s multilingual KVM management program offers support in English, France, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Japanese. Hotkey combinations include Scroll-lock, Cap-lock, Num-lock, and Alt, Ctrl & Win. PC selection can be either with front button, from the OSD menu or with a hotkey. Also built into the OSD is an auto-scanning feature which automatically scans and monitors operation status of each host connected. Security features include password enable and disable. The memory can store profiles for port access for up to 8 users. The KVM is also hot plug friendly-- add or remove connected computers without powering off the LCD drawer.

The keyboard is of the 86-key notebook-type and is compatible with almost any computer including SUN, HP, IBM, Dell, even iMAC. Mounted just to the keyboard’s right is integrated two-button touchpad.

KD9258 consoles can be daisy-chained so one unit can control up to 128 servers or cascaded to control up to 512 computers. The KVM also supports Windows 7/ 2003/ XP/ 2000, Linux, Netware and Unix.

The units come with proprietary 6-foot-longer cables that attach to a computer’s video through standard 15-pin DB and the keyboard and touchpad via PS/2s. Cables with USB keyboard and mouse interfaces are available and the two cables can be mixed and match to match the available interfaced on the computers to be connected. Longer cables are available.

The KD9258 is made of heavy-duty steel yet weighs only 20 pounds including the KVM and the built-in power supply. The keyboard and display are on integrated slide rails and pull out like a drawer. The screen can be tilted up to 90 degrees. The unit is CE approved and RoHS compliant.

With its low $985.00 price tag, the KD9258 is hundreds of dollars less than competing. It can be an affordable addition to any growing network in need of more centralized monitoring and control.

Most of our commercial and industrial computers are custom built to your exact requirements. So please feel free to contact us via e-mail or telephone to discover how we can give you the equipment you need for your specific needs.

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