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  • PC5824
    PC5824 HMI computer powered by Haswell CPU with 24 inch 1920 x 1080 full HD touch screen and 2 x PCIe mini slot, has an IP65 rated ultra slim aluminum front panel bezel, AC power input and -10 to 50 degree C wide range working temperature. Learn More
  • PCV5104
    PCV5104 Military grade Panel PC powered by N2930 1.83GHz 4-Core embedded and 10.4 inch 1024 x 768 800-nits LCD touch screen, has a fully IP65 rated enclosure (except I/O), built in WiFi / 3G function, 9 to 36VDC power input and -25 to 60 degree C wide range working temperature. Learn More
  • FES8129
    FES8129 Embedded computer powered by Celeron Bay Trail N2930 1.83GHz 4-Core processor, 1x HDMI or VGA video out put , has 2 USB and fully IP65 rated chassis with extended -20 to 50 degree C working temperature and 9 to 36 VDC power input. Ready for VESA and wall mounting. Learn More
  • RMC5015
    RMC5015 Rack mount computer, Atom D2500 1.86GHz Dual Core CPU, Mini ITX motherboard, VGA, 1 x Gigabit LAN, 2 x front USB ports, 1 x PCI expansion slot (option), 250W P/S, 1U high and 9.8 inch short depth rack chassis. Learn More
  • RMC5210A-B Rack mount computer - Haswell multiple Core processor with ATX motherboard and 7 x low profile expansion slots, comes with 300W power supply and 2U high 13.9 inch depth rack chassis.. Learn More

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Latest News
  • Christmas & New Year Office Closeing Notice

    Posted on 12/17/14 4:51 PM by Acnodes

    Our offices will be closing for the Christmas and New Year holidays as follows: Our office in Chino (CA) will be closed from <strong>Monday 22 December 2014</strong> to<strong> Friday, 2 January 2015. </strong> During the Christmas and  Ne... Read more

  • Newest Haswell-based Industrial Panel PC Series

    Posted on 11/20/14 5:09 PM by Acnodes

    Acnodes Corporation’s newest industrial Panel PC series, the PC58XX, is now available with 15, 17, 21.5, or 24 inches LCD screens with projected capacitive or 5-wire resistive touch screen options. Based on Intel’s most powerful Haswell 4<sup>th<... Read more

  • Basic Characteristics of Rackmount Computers and Rack Consoles

    Posted on 11/17/14 6:22 PM by Acnodes

    “Rackmount” is used to describe a specific type of PC computer, monitor, server, console, or cabinet often used in industrial applications. Rackmount servers, also known as rack-mount or rack mount, are computers designed to be used as servers... Read more

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