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The PCIOe backplane supports half-size PCIOe single board computers and combines the PCI bus and PCIe x 4 bus or PCIe x 1 bus to provide excellent I/O bus bandwidth and performance.


The PCISA backplane series is designed for supporting the PCISA and PSB CPU board series. Half-sized SBC cards include the PCI, ISA and PCISA interface series Half-sized CPU card is an extension flexible and space saving solution for industrial computing platform. PCISA CPU card supports four PCI and ISA bus expansions.
PSU Type: 

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IPX Slot:

The IPX slot enables networking of multiple branch offices over IP. It is compatible with all available PCI/ISA cards. The backplane is also integrated with the PCISA series card slot. IPX defines its own internetwork and intranode addressing. For intranetwork (node) addressing, IPX uses the physical address assigned to the network interface board. The IPX network address uniquely identifies an IPX server on an IPX network and individual processes within the server.