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Tips for Choosing an Industrial Computer for your Applications

How to choose an industrial computer for your business or industry requirements? Here are six components that you need to consider when choosing an industrial computer: Environment, Energy Efficiency, IP Ratings, Military Standards, EMI Shielding, and Life Span. Industrial applications require a demand for systems that can operate efficiently in unpredictable settings and harsh environments. Most of the time, certain settings can take a real toll on computers whether it is due to dusty air, debris, heat damage, and even a shortage of proper maintenance; this can potentially damage conventional computers from performing well in the industry. New technological advances are designed to fight the obstacles like overheating, and dust build-up that these harsh environments will bring.

What is a Fanless Embedded Computer?

What is a fanless embedded computer? An embedded computer, also known as an embedded PC, is a computer system that is implemented into a larger system or intelligence system commonly used for data collection or modern interactive tasks. Embedded computers come in various shapes and sizes fit for industrial or military applications. Moreover, embedded computers play an important role in the Internet of Things (IoT) and the connection between machines, people, and places. 

Benefits for Combining Control and Operator Interfaces

Operator interface and controller display provide many benefits to industrial computers and systems. They come in two main features. One is to combine PLC with an operator interface terminal to build a unit designed for basic machines. Another one is to combine a PC-based controller with a full-featured HMI by making the PC-based controller to an HMI offering control and operator interface for the most complex machines. For these features, people most likely can find in panel PCs