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Panel PCs a Intelligent display unit or HMI PC which combined touch screen and embedded computer into a rugged compacted enclosure to meet industrial operation standard in harsh working environment.

Panel PC

With the power of a modern industrial PC and the convenience of a LCD touch screen, The Panel PCs are rugged, slim and provide IP rated, EMI shield and other environmental protection for all-in-one embedded computer with reliable, high-performance solutions for various industry, such as the food industry, automation control, HMI , digital signage system, military and industry intent of things (IOT) devices.
Acnodes’ Panel PCs provides fan less passive cooling thermal design, ultra slim LCD touch screen, water proofed front bezel and rugged enclosure. which provides the function and product for HMI interface terminal, intelligent display units, military-grade PCs meets MIL-STD-810G compliance, data acquisition terminal, heavy-duty industrial grade PC with PCI or PCIe expansion slots capabilities, and ultra-slim all-in-one PC for space limited applications.


Flat front bezel - Rugged die-casting aluminum enclosure
Taking the LCD panel technology and combining it with a embedded computer with fan less cooling system to a intelligent PC display console, Panel PC comes with a Atom or Core i CPU and IP64/65 rated rugged metal front bezel and metal construction casings that were built to withstand the harsh working environments.
Wide range working temperature - Below freezing point
Panel PCs includes a embedded computer with fan less cooling system and touch screen in a rugged enclosure. The ultra slim HMI computer utilize a intelligent display and an IP65 rated rugged aluminum or plastic front bezel that’s ideal for use in a wide range working temperature environment .
Multi-touch LCD screen - HMI PC / Intelligent display
HMI PC offers multi-touch screen in various display size for a intelligent display unit between human to machine interface, has built-in WiFi and Ethernet LAN for the networking connection and RS-232/422/485 & USB 3.0 for a real time data acquisition and thin client applications. Ultra slim and fanless design enclosure for easy installation and maintenance in a harsh working environment.
PCI / PCIe expansion slots - Heavy-duty industrial grade
This line of industrial grade heavy duty Panel PC offer a high performance processor, large size touch screen monitors, IP65 ratings aluminum front bezel and rugged metal enclosure. These embedded computers provides various PCI / PCIe expansion slots combination that you can choose for your unique add-on card.
Stainless Steel enclosure - fully IP65 sealed
Built to endure harsh working environments, our fully IP65 rated fan less Panel PCs are enclosed in an all stainless steel housing. The Front bezel and rear bezel were designed to be water and dust proof making these computers ideal for wash down applications.
Military Grade - MIL-810-STD - Fully IP67 rated
A high performance rugged panel PC that meet MIL-810G-STD testing standard for industrial and military computing applications. it packed full power of the embedded PC into a compacted all-in-one enclosure with built in LCD touch screen.
Open frame mounting - simplify integration
Our open frames Panel PCs cater to those who seek to further customize the appearance of their application. This line of computer comes with built in LCD touch screens, industrial embedded PCI Express or Mini PCI Express expansion slots, and rugged metal open frame housing that is outfitted and ready for wall or VESA mounts.
Modular Panel PCs
Modular Panel PCs separated the all-in-one Panel PC becomes two individual modules which are LCD touch screen and embedded PC, and the proprietary detachable plug-in expansion slot integrated two modules become one complete unit. The advantage of this modular design provides the flexible platforms, easy maintenance and future upgrade.