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A compacted size fan less embedded computer designed to work under a harsh and below freezing point industrial factory environment.

Microbox Embedded computer

Embedded computer utilizes the high performance process and is designed for fan less operation with rugged construction under extend working temperature in harsh working environment. The fan less operation and fully integrated interface ports increase the computer reliability, extends MTBF and reduces maintenance. It comes with low power consumption processor and industrial grade embedded system board for reliability and stable function.


Embedded computer - Fanless
Embedded computer powered by Atom low power consumption CPU and fan less PC cooling system, it comes with aluminum heat sink and compacted construction that let unit can working in a space limited harsh working environment. The embedded board provided multiple expansion slot and rich interface I/O ports designed for automation control and network control application.
Embedded PC with expansion slots
Industrial computer combined multiple Core processor and embedded computer board into a compact rugged chassis with aluminum heat sink, has PCI express expansion slots and mounting bracket ready to mount into any surface with space limited automation control applications.
Mini PC - NUC
Mini PC offered a compact rugged NUC form factor enclosure with high performance processor and cram the remaining parts into the smallest desktop enclosure possible, has rich interface and expansion slots for automation control applications.
IP65 rated / Extended Temperature
Embedded computer with low power consumption CPU and fan less PC cooling system, has aluminum heat sink and heavy duty steel frame let unit working under a wide range working temperature (-20 to 60 degree C) in a harsh working environment.