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2U Rack mount computer comes with Core i CPU with ATX mother board and raiser card with 3 x PCI or PCIe full-size expansion slots, has 2U high 300W power supply and 4 x hard drive bay.



  • 2U high rack mount computer
  • 17" short depth chassis.
  • Dual-Core or Quad-Core CPU
  • ATX mother board
  • 3 x PCI or PCIe full-size expansion slots
  • 1 x 3.5" and 1 x 5.25" open drive bay
  • 3 x 3.5" hidden drive bay
  • 300W 2U ATX power supply

Quick Overview

Rack mount computer powered by Core i CPU and ATX M/B with raiser card for 3 x PCI or PCIe full-size expansion slots, has 1 x DVD and 4 x HD bay, 2 x front USB ports, 2U P/S in a 2U high and 17 inch depth rack chassis.

Heavy-duty cold-rolled steel.

System board

Size: standard ATX or mirco-ATX mother board
Dual-Core or Quad-Core processor
Memory: 4 x DIMM memory socket, (up to 32GB memory)
On-board 100/1000BT LAN,
On-board video, Audio
SATA connector, USB 2.0 ports, PS/2 ports

1 x 3.5" open drive bay
1 x 5.25" open optical drive bay
3 x 3.5" HD hidden bay

Expansion Slot
1 x PCI-32 / 1x PCIe x1 / 1xPCIe x16 (std) expansion slots 
1 x PCI-32 / 2 x PCI-e x1 (opt) expansion slots 
1 x PCI-ex16 / 2 x PCI-e x1 (opt) expansion slots

Front Panel Controls
Power on/off switch
System reset buttong 
2 x USB ports

Power, LAN and HDD LEDs

Built-in 0.4W PC speaker

Cooling Fan
Middle: 2 x 80cm ball-bearing fans
Rear: 1 x 80mm fan

Power Supply
300W 110/220VAC 2U power supply
Option for 400W


19"(W) x 17"(H) x 3.5 "(D)


Operating temperature: 0°~50°C (32°~ 122°F)
Relative humidity: 5% ~ 95% @ 40° C, non-condensing

No Dimensions listed.

RMC 7212A
Rack mount computer, Dual-Core / Quad-Core CPU, ATX or Micro ATX M/B, 1 x SATA HD, DVD, 300W 2U P/S, 2U high & 17" short depth chassis.



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