Acnodes line of monitor keyboard drawers ranging from 17" to 20" LCD, with the shortest depth of 15". Choose from DVI, USB, KVM, CAT6, SUN or high brightness all in one rack consoles.

Monitor Keyboard Drawer

Rack console comes with keyboard, pointing device, industrial monitor and 8 / 16 / 32 ports KVM switch into a 1U or 2U high rack mount drawer. The self-lock ball-bearing slide rail was mounted on the each side of the drawer and the unique key locking or thumb lock screws on the front door for secured working environments. The industrial LCD panel provide flick free display, ultra high display resolution, OSD menu and option for VGA, DVI & HDMI video input connector. The keyboard integrated with touch pad, track ball or standard optical mouse for access the server. The KVM switch comes with PS/2 or USB connection, menu switch, hot-plug and hot-key functions. It also provided Matrix, KVM over IP and Cat6 KVM switch function into rack console. The industrial-grade design features all-in-one terminal-control and rugged metal construction for harshly and cost-sensitive industrial computing applications. The low profile 1U or 2U height drawer that allows for efficient rack use.


  • LCD keyboard drawer - 17 inch
    Rack consoles integrated a 17 inch industrial LCD panel and keyboard with touch pad or track ball into a 1U low profile rack drawer. The monitor drawer comes with a VGA video input, combo free for USB or PS/2 type connectors and built-in a pull out slide rail with a lock designed for the standard 19 inch wide rack mount cabinet.
  • LCD keyboard drawer - 19 inch
    Acnodes line of 1U rack drawers with integrated 19 inch monitors, keyboard and touch pad. These LCD keyboard drawers are equipped with a 2-position lock handle and pull out drawers that are designed for 19 inch wide rack cabinets
  • LCD keyboard drawer - 20 inch
    Acnodes line rack drawers with integrated 19 inch monitors, keyboard and touch pad. These LCD keyboard drawers are equipped with a 2-position lock handle and pull out drawers that are designed for 19 inch wide rack cabinets. Features either 1U or 2U form factors.
  • LCD keyboard drawer - short depth < 20-inch
    Monitor keyboard drawers cater to shallow drawers with super space limitations. The depth of rack mount drawer varies from 15 to 18.9 inch
  • LCD keyboard drawer - Dual slide rail
    For those seeking accessibility and convenience, these keyboard drawers have a dual rail design that enables the keyboard and monitors to slide out independently. These rack consoles also come with an industrial monitor, KVM switch, keyboard and touchpad.
  • LCD keyboard drawer - KVM switch
    Acnodes has combined a 1U high rack console with a KVM switch. It also features an industrial monitor, and a keyboard with touchpad. The KVM switch comes with proprietary KVM port that is combo free and 1 local user console. Comes with the option for remote user console with receiver and IP user console with RJ-45 port.
  • LCD keyboard drawer - DVI KVM switch
    Acnodes’s rack consoles integrate an industrial monitor, keyboard, mouse input device and 12 port DVI KVM switch into a 1U high rack mount drawer. They also come with an option for track ball input device, stereo speaker with audio input and 12/24/48 VDC power input
  • LCD keyboard drawer - USB hub KVM switch
    Rack console comes with industrial monitor, keyboard, touch pad (option for track ball), USB hub KVM switch (8 or 16 port) and 1U high rack mount monitor drawer. Option for VDC power supply. The front USB port can be use for software upgrade center point or sharing USB device for each rack mount server or workstation.
  • LCD keyboard drawer - Cat6 KVM switch
    Designed for 19 inch wide rack cabinets, our LCD keyboard drawers combines CAT6 KVM switches into a 1U low profile rack drawer. Included are built in LCD panels that vary in size from 17 inches to 20 inches. All units have built in keyboard and touch pad.
  • LCD keyboard drawer - Matrix KVM switch
    Our rack consoles have integrated a Matrix 8-port KVM switch ( 2 user console), an industrial monitor with sizes varying from 17-20 inches, and a keyboard with input device into a 1U depth compacted rack mount drawer. They also carry the option for 16 port KVM switch, remote & IP user console and VDC power input
  • LCD keyboard drawer - Sun native resolution & KVM
    1U monitor keyboard drawer that monitor's display resolution can be 1280 x 1024 and 1152 x 900. On-board full-size keyboard and touch pad are USB type connection. The Sun's function key is built into the key-pad. It's also available for KVM switch.
  • LCD keyboard drawer - high brightness
    Our 17 inch - 19 inch monitor keyboards come with 1000-nits high brightness industrial LCD panel, keyboard with touch pad, and a 1U high monitor drawer. It also comes with VGA video input and USB keyboard and touch pad. Also available are options for track ball, KVM swtich , DVI/HDMI/BNC video input and touch screen monitor.