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What is USB Type-C?

First of all, USB Type-C is the most recent standard that provides high-speed data rates. Furthermore, USB Type-C supports for multiple high-speed protocols and high power delivery. With the high demands on USB Type-C in the market, therefore they are being made on consumer electronics more often nowadays.

USB Type-C offers a new and tiny physical connector which has the size of a micro USB connector. With USB-C connector itself can provide various new USB standard such as USB 3.1 and USB power delivery. Furthermore, USB-C is the emerging standard for charging and transferring data. Nowadays, USB Type-C includes in the devices for examples, the newest laptops, tablets, and phones. Moreover, USB Type-C can carry significantly more power therefore they can be used easily to charge larger devices like laptops.

The most standard USB connector we are familiar with is USB Type-A. USB Type-A only plugs in one way, but with smaller devices the massive USB ports would not fit with Type-A. Furthermore, this makes the micro connectors Type-C more demands in the market. On the other hand, Type-C offers a single USB connector shape that all devices will adopt. Therefore, users don't have to keep loading various USB cables with different connector shapes for different devices.

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