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Solution for Auto Light Sensor

Auto light sensor brings efficient, convenient, and power saving to users. However, what exactly is auto light sensor technology? The light sensor basically measures the different environmental brightness and sends the information to display such as monitor. Then the display or monitor would adjust the brightness automatically for users to view comfortably. With brighter conditions such as outdoor or under the sun,  the brightness will increase. On the other hand, with darker environment the brightness will be decreased to have comfort viewings for users.  

Why Choose the Auto Light Sensor?   

Light sensor is a common approach to various issues such as security, electrical efficiency and more. Moreover, light sensors support anywhere in and out of the house and they are not expensive. There are also many benefits for using auto light sensor. Auto light sensor offers better visual effect in different environment. Furthermore, the display offers the ability to use applications outdoor and indoor. Next, with the intelligent brightness sensor saving the power and offers great performance at the same time.

In some situations, LCD display might be used under an environment with ambient lights. Due to the ambient light level keeps changing, a fixed brightness of LCD display might not be good enough. However, with auto light sensor the monitor adjusts its brightness directly from the light sources in the environment.

Light Sensor

Location of Auto Light Sensor

Most of the auto light sensor usually is on the top of the monitor, which is showing in the below image. However, customers may specify the locations of light sensor for special requirement. Here are some tips for setting the minimum brightness. First, block the light sensor with a black cloth, then go to OSD setting to set the brightness minimum level as desired, for example 30%. Next, the minimum level of brightness is 30% and the display would show 30% of the brightness.

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Light Sensor