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Industrial Computer - Overview

IPC (Industrial Personal Computer) is different than a regular PC because of its environmental characteristics. It’s shock absorption, moisture resistant, dust/water resistant, wide range working temperatures, anti-electromagnetic interferences, and its ease of access for expansion slots make it relatively robust. In other words, the IPC meets the industrial requirements for long term reliability and stability control platforms.   A CNC controller, PC-based controller, are just some examples of an IPC
The industrial Computer is poised to be the next interface between human and machine. As computer technology continues to advance, the IPC becomes more than just a one dimensional computer.  It can now handle open PC characteristics and utilizes a colored touch LCD displays. Whether used in industrial automation control, traffic control, environmental control applications the IPC is the best platform for a variety any industrial application.Industrial Computer

Features of an IPC:

  • Designed for control platforms to operate in rigorous and harsh environments.
  • Rugged construction that utilizes heavier metal.
  • Enhanced environmental protection -
    Dust and water proof / Shock and vibration / higher working humidity value.
  • EMC shielding and gasket compliance specified by international electrical standards.
  • Supports wide working temperature ranges.
  •  Power input with over-voltage and over-current protection.
    IP/NEMA rated enclosure and front bezel.
  • PC architecture takes full advantage of a standard PC’s compatability and its environments operating system and programs.
  • Long term product life and higher MTBF operation for a stability and reliability function.
  • Expandable through PCI/PCI-Express slots, PC-104 socket, Mini PCI and more
  • A full feature of interface ports, such as RS-232, 485 and digital I/O for PLC program controls.
  • Wide variety of mounting solution, providing flexible deployment for any physical environment.

Form factor of IPC:
The primary use for IPC automation control units are to collect and transfer data. With newer and newer technology innovations, the IPC has unlimited use for so many different applications. HMI (Human Machine Interface), security appliance and intelligent displays are just some industries that currently use them.

Rack mount computer, server and peripherals
Computer,  server for 19-inch wide rack cabinet
Network security appliance
Rack console, KVM switch and display monitor
IP power module

Panel PCs
HMI (Human Machine Interface) all in one touch PC
Heavy-duty automation control
POS (point of sale)
Digital signage display unit
Slim home control activity unit
Stainless steel enclosure for food industry
Medical-grade HMI unit
High brightness Outdoor intelligent  display unit

Embedded board and computer
Fan less designed compacted embedded computer
Network control appliance
Thin-client automation control unit
Out-door automation control unit
DIN-rail field control unit
Single board computer
Industrial mother board

Active / inactive display unit
IP / NEMA rated monitor
Open frame type monitor
Digital signage LCD display
High brightness outdoor monitor
stainless steel enclosure monitor