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Harsh Environments Don’t Stand a Chance against Rackmount Monitors

Harsh and physically strenuous environments can make it impossible for standard computer monitors and systems to function properly, especially during and after exposure to the elements. Whether it is frigid temperatures, sunlight exposure, salt water mist, or automotive grease and oil, there are countless environmental limitations that cause computing systems to fail. However, failure simply isn’t an option, especially in unforgiving rugged industrial environments where computing systems are crucial to everyday tasks – even crucial to survival. This is where rugged rackmount monitors and computers come in.

Rackmount vs. Standard Computing Systems:

Rackmount monitors are versatile and reliable in any harsh industrial environment. Standard computing systems aren’t built to withstand extreme conditions, and they are not ideal for industrial applications for many reasons – but rackmount monitors are. Standard computing monitors aren’t made to provide visibility in bright sunlight – but rackmount monitors are. Standard computing monitors and systems are large and cumbersome, they aren’t built to save space – but rackmount monitors are.

Rackmount monitors and rackmount computers are ideal for myriad indoor and outdoor industrial applications, including the military, aviation, commercial marine, and automotive industries, to name a few.

The Acnodes Rackmount Monitor Solution:

  • Rackmount monitors from Acnodes save space with an integrated LCD display panel that fits into a 1U space-saving rack console drawer or a 7U to 9U panel mount enclosure that fits inside a standard 19-inch rack mount cabinet.
  • Various Acnodes rackmount monitors come equipped with VGA, DVI, DNC and HDMI video input options.
  • The intelligent display unit options feature the possibility of a convenient touch screen display.
  • The LCD wide screen panel is industrial grade, providing the option of a flicker-free, sun native display at 1080P HD resolution.
  • Rackmout monitors are available in several sizes, including: 10.4”, 17”, 17.1”, 17.3”, 19”, 20”, and 21.5”.

Fully functioning computing systems are a necessity of any industry, including those with harsh environmental threats. Acnodes’ rackmount monitors are only the tip of the ice burg as far as industrial computing solutions go – rack mount computers are available to accompany the monitors, as well as countless customized computer products to meet the needs of industrial projects and challenges.

Rackmount Monitor