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FES7470 & FES7471: Expandable Embedded Box PC

On 9/18/17, Acnodes Corporation introduces our new high performance expandable embedded box PCs with 7th/6th Gen Intel Xeon & Core i processor. Both of these two box PCs are feature in 4PCI/PCIe expansion slot. Furthermore, the two box PCs also offer 110-230V AC power input with wide range of working temperature from -20~55°C. Moreover, the two box PCs are FES7470 and FES7471, both of the models have two-removable trays for convenience.


FES7471 & FES7470 Feature


FES7470 provides different Core i7 processors to choose from. There are Kabylake options on  Core i7-7700T or Core i7-7500T. Kabylake processors are compatible with Windows 10 only. However, if users want to stay with Windows 7, there are Skylake options offered as well. Skylake processor runs on both Windows 7 and Windows 10. FES7470 also offers Skylake processors Core i7-6700TE and Core i7-6500TE. Acnodes always try the best on customizing  the product based on customer’s requirements and meet customer’s need. Moreover, FES7470 offers Core i processors with 3-slot PCI, 1-slot PCIe x16 Expansion, 5 USB3.0, 4 COM, and swappable HDD box, 250W AC power supply voltage.

FES7471 offers Intel Xeon E3 processor which delivers essential performance and visuals. Furthermore, FES7471 provides 1-slot PCIe x1, 2-slot PCIe x4, 1-slot PCIe x16 Expansion, 5 USB 3.0, 4 COM, swappable HDD box and 250W AC power supply voltage. Moreover, storage of 2 SATA 3.0 (600 MB/sec), also supports RAID 0/1.

Furthermore, the weight for both FES7470 and FES7471 is 11.48lbs with dimension of 7.34 x 9.31 x 9.54”. Both models offer wide range of operating temperature from -20~55°C for working in difficult conditions. FES7470 and FES7471 offer tests reports for MIL-STD-810G military standard on vibration shock. These two models also support power input of 110-230V AC with 4PCI/PCIe expansion slot. Moreover, FES7470 and FES7471 also feature in 4COM, 2GbE, 5 USB 3.0.

Moreover, both of these models offers graphic engine of Intel HD Graphics P530. Intel HD Graphics P530 can be found in various of Xeon processors, Skylake generation and Lady Lake generations. Graphics P530 features quick sync video, clear video HD, and inTru 3D.


Acnodes Corporation has a vast amount of product line configurations. Moreover, they can customize most industrial and commercial computers to one’s specifications. For more information, please e-mail them at info@acnodes.com or visit their website: www.acnodes.com. One can also call them at (909) 597-7588.

FES7471 & FES7470

About Acnodes

Acnodes Corporation makes, sells, and designs industrial computers and display solutions for diverse industries that range from automation to military. Most of all, they supply efficient and valuable products for their customers. They have a host of technological innovations in Panel PCs, embedded computers, rack mount servers, and rugged monitors. Acnodes Corporation strives to meet their clients’ needs with cutting-edge technology and solutions.