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Display Panel Type Differences

There are three common different panel types, which are TN, IPS or VA. When selecting a computer monitor, always consider about the type of panel display uses.  The panel controls whether the monitor is responsive enough for your tasks. For example, colors on the screen have to be perfect for designers. Therefore, the choice of panel is important.


Nowadays, most people are aware that monitors come in different resolutions and screen sizes. Although there are various modern screens usually fall into one of the most common three categories with distinct performance features. One should still know the differences between the three types of display panel. In order to pick the best panel type that suits one’s needs.


TN Panel

TN (Twisted Nematic) panels are the very first LCD panel type produced broadly. Also, TN Panel is the most common technology in panel society today. General characteristics of TN panels are lower cost and a higher responsiveness. Furthermore, TN panels also offer lower weight, lower power consumption, and they are much thinner. Within the TN panels, the pixels change their state quickly which supports make moving images look smoother and vibrant. On the other hand, TN panels are good choice for gamers. As TN panels support high resolution, low response times and decent input lag. Moreover, TN monitors also offer high brightness and less consumption of power in combination with LED back-lighting.

There are also disadvantages for TN Panels. For instance, the viewing angles and color reproductions are problems cannot be fix easily. TN Panel is not perfect because they suffered from limited viewing angles and poor display under sunlight. In fact, TN panels are a good choice for general usages. However, for people who are looking for an improved color experience, may consider about other panel types.

IPS Panel

In-Plane Switching (IPS) was created to solve TN panels’ issues of poor color reproduction and viewing angles. IPS panels have slower response times, higher production costs, and higher power consumption. Therefore, IPS panels are not a good choice for gaming. However, it is used in situations when color is important, such as graphic design. In conclusion, IPS panels keep colors constant in sharp angles.

VA Panel

The VA Panel also known as Vertical Alignment offers a solid medium between TN and IPS panels. VA was created to combine the both of advantages from IPS and TN panels. Additionally, monitors with VA panels deliver wide viewing angles and high contrast reproduces vibrant colors. Therefore, VA panels have more benefits over TN panels than IPS, but have lower response times.


Most importantly, based on how one uses the monitor to choose the right panel that suits. Again, video gamer will be happy with TN panels with its excellent response time. On the other hand, photographers and designers should use an IPS monitor instead. If contrast is an important factor, one should consider a monitor with an MVA or PVA panel. Finally, if one uses the screen with little bit of everything, TN panel is a good choice to save money.

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