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How to Choose the Right Cloud Platform

Are you familiar with the Cloud? In this generation, you would be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard about it. This device is capable of recording every piece of data that comes from any kind of technology and evaluating it in real-time.

When it comes to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), there are several options for cloud platforms. To choose the right one, it’s important to consider three factors: the IoT platform as a service, the infrastructure as a service, and the software as a service.

The Infrastructure as a Service

The infrastructure is the glue that holds the Internet of Things together. It handles the storage, basic computational capabilities, provision processing, and networks. Plus, the infrastructure as a service facilitates the process of the IoT platform and the software as a service.

The IoT Platform as a Service

The Internet of Things Platform as a service.

Over the Cloud, this is used to test, run, and develop applications on the device. Additionally, engineers determine precisely which application will run on it.  Moreover, they will have the ability to wield control over the configuration of the app hosting environment.

The Software as a Service

This system allows users to access applications that control their IoT system on a web-browser.  In addition, they won’t need to install or run any specific applications on individual computers.  Consequently, this will make both support and maintenance simpler.

Other Factors of the Cloud

Aside from the above factors, data integrity and data security are essential aspects to consider as well. Because of all the information transmitted through the Cloud, virtual safety is more significant than ever.  Furthermore, the issue of compatibility is just as important.

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